It’s the real me – Brenton Crozier

I am sure you have been on a lot of different websites and they are all trying to sell you something, but none of them really make it personal. Do they?

Well this is where I make it real for you. The no kidding, no BS side of things you probably won’t see on many other sites.

So to kick things off and to answer some questions you may or may not be asking.

  1. Yes, I created this website myself, and I am sure you will see the errors of my humanity throughout.
    1. I used WordPress because the WYSIWYG is much easier than it used to be.
    2. Despite the fact that I have been in technology for decades, websites were never really my thing.
    3. I did not create any of the pictures on this site except the Venn at the top of this page.
    4. Yes, I wrote the content.
  2. When I use the word ‘We’ on this site, it really refers to the fact that I leverage my network for expertise I myself may not have in order to best help you.
  3. Yes, I am a real person and not some fictional character made to evoke emotion to sell you on what I have to offer. If you didn’t get here through my LinkedIn page, you will be able to find it here on the site.

Okay, now with that out of the way, you may have noticed at the top of the page there is a not-so-snazzy Venn diagram. I created this diagram to show people what I am essentially ‘made of’. Because when I think about who I am in a professional context, I had to draw it out in a simple way.

You see, I am all of those things in the Venn. I am about technology, business, process improvement, and investment. These four areas drive my passion around innovation and problem solving. I am a nerd about all of it and I have been using these drivers along with the requisite skills to serve companies since 1996; usually as a direct employee, but also in my own businesses.

But now, I want to help companies with this broad cache of knowledge and skills to make them successful and me along with them.

Okay, that all sounds great, and you can see where I can bring some things to the table, but what have you really done? I have always mentored various business owners for decades now, mostly on corporate structures, stock investments, hiring, and so on… Along with that, I have had businesses in Information Technology (IT), wholesaling, eCommerce, franchise consulting, and even Home Owner Association (HOA) management. Much like of the diversity of my drivers, I have diversity in ventures. Going even further, I have worked for big corporations (Fortune 500 anyone?) helping them to save costs (usually in the 10s to 100s of millions of USD), improve their processes, drive culture changes like agile (it’s a software thing, but really a manufacturing thing), and generally being a change agent.

Why am I doing this now? At the time of this writing, the COVID19 pandemic is mostly over, and there are a lot of businesses that could use the help. Also, there a lot of businesses that are simply going away because they haven’t been sold or family members don’t want to take them over. Those businesses mean jobs to a lot of individuals and families. With that, I can also make an income from myself doing more meaningful work while doing good for others. What could be better than that?

I hope this helps you in making some sense of who I am, what I am doing, and why. Take care!


From time to time I may update this page with different stories (the HOA Management one is always a fun one to tell).